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Two questions about baking straight from the fridge

July 26, 2017 - 5:52pm -- quartet1977

Hi, I'm baking two sourdough loaves after an overnight proof in the fridge. My plan is to remove one from the fridge, transfer it to a peel, score it, cover it with a stainless steel bowl, and then slide it right onto the hot stone in a 450 dF oven. Here are my questions:

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Dough Splitting After Bulk?

July 26, 2017 - 2:10pm -- kamki

Hi guys! I'm hoping for some help troubleshooting this odd issue I'm having where my dough kind of...splits apart after bulk. You can see some photos here: I didn't include the final loaf photos but it ended up being one of the worst I've ever baked — really flat and sour.

More details here, including my schedule and recipe:

11:10 PM: levain build with starter at about 75% activity

9:15 AM: autolyse with 650g 90° water; 180g levain; 748g AP flour; 49g rye; 110g wheat

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sprouted buckwheat flour

July 26, 2017 - 2:52am -- Wulfsige

We bought an absurdly expensive box of "Rude Health Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour organic" from Sainsbury's. The flavour was far better than the usual (much cheaper) buckwheat flour produced in Britain, and similar to the flavour of flour bought in Brittany direct from a miller, which had little black specks in it that were presumably the ground hull. By "sprouted" Rude Health presumably mean the same as "malted". Can anyone explain (a) why the sprouted buckwheat tasted so much better, and (b) why it approximated to the flavour of French (i.e. Breton) flour?'s picture

7' 6" 3 compartment stainless sink; 6' stainless shelf - $650 (redwood city)

July 25, 2017 - 2:16pm -- brian@clarkeipl...

Sink is in pristine condition. Includes drainage plumbing, does not include faucet or other plumbing. Shelf is 6' long (not shown) and also in pristine condition. I'm asking $650 but will consider reasonable offers. It's located in Redwood City, CA (Bay Area). Buyer to pick up or pay shipping.

SS Sink PictureFront SS Sink

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first try with Bread machine - need help with dough rising questions

July 25, 2017 - 1:39pm -- RODDY

I have a used Black & Decker All In One Pro Breadmaker

I used the dough maker program

it took about 2 hours & was rising nicely when with about 8 minutes to go the paddle started up & again and it fell.

Is this normal?

I took the dough out, separated it into 2 halves and put them in baking pans

The dough has been rising now for about 1 hour & 35-40 mins

I was expecting it to rise above the top edge before I put them in the oven but it has not.

Here are some pics of how it looks now

Any thoughts?


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