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Herb bread recipe number 5.  This recipe for lemon thyme bread needed a bit of testing before I was happy with it. The final version featured on is an easy recipe for a lovely soft flavourful bread.  A great way to make use of fresh thyme if you have some growing in your garden.  Lovely and citrussy, fresh and summery, almost worth baking just for the wonderful aroma.

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Protein content of "bread" flours

June 2, 2015 - 7:52pm -- Ramses2

As I work my way through my bread baking books I notice that the authors often call for "bread " flour. As everybody knows there is a wide variation in the protein content of various brands. Gold Medal bread flour averages 12.3 % protein; King Arthur bread flour comes in at 12.7 %  protein. Other brands are all over the park, I even saw one local brand, which called itself bread flour had a low of 10 % protein . Obviously that local brand is not bread flour but rather cake flour.

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It's freezing in Melbourne so I'm quite content to stay home in the warmth and bake comfort food lol


Sourdough Millers loaf from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook.


Five Grain Sourdough loaf from The Fundamental Techniques Of Classic Bread Baking, The French Culinary Institute cookbook.




 Sourdough Naan Bread with butter chicken, such a lovely quick and easy recipe. Recipe by Skibum



Sourdough Chocolate Brownies, my son and husband loved this recipe!



My not so pretty Chellah, need to work on this lol. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Is it under proofed ? I love this recipe and the taste is amazing but they always explode while in the oven.




Friday Night sourdough pizza.


Testing out my new steam oven, creme brûlée from the miele steam oven recipe book



Cheers Sonia

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Grow your own grain?!?

June 2, 2015 - 4:36pm -- JennyBakesBread


Does anyone grow wheat or rye for milling (or otherwise eating)? Does it make a substantial difference to the taste of your bread? Are there any differences to consider if growing grain for cracking and/or sprouting rather than milling?

I'd be fascinated to know whether it's possible and practical to grow a small amount 5-10 sq metres of grain on an allotment/vegetable garden for fun.


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Greetings from south-central Nebraska - bread newbie

June 2, 2015 - 4:02pm -- cheekygeek


I've been a bread machine user but recently got Ken Forkish's book "Flour Water Salt Yeast" and am interested in making some bread in a Lodge cast iron dutch oven using his techniques (and others I find along the way). Pushing me further down the slippery (delicious) slope is a Magic Mill III Plus grain mill that followed me home from a recent visit to the Goodwill (for $4). I had previously been unacquainted with the benefits of freshly milled flour, but am now game to give it a go. Found some organic wheat berries at the local HyVee in the bulk section.

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Latest on my Rye Book.

June 2, 2015 - 1:50pm -- Elagins

Working title: TAMING THE GRAIN: Rediscovering the Classic Rye Breads of Europe and America
Pub date: August-September 2016

Thumbnail: Taming the Grain is the definitive rye bread resource, featuring nearly 100 classic loaves, along with rye history, chemistry and baking secrets.

I'll keep you all posted as things continue to unfold.



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