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bread machine loaf collapse when baking starts

November 23, 2008 - 7:35am -- NutmegCT

Good morning.  First post here

I've used my Sunbeam 5891 bread machine for about two years.  At least half the time, regardless of which recipe or ingredients I choose, the loaf collapses inside the machine within five minutes of starting the actual bake cycle

I've tried different yeast brands (both "normal" and "fast rising"), flours, temperatures, etc

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French bread and pie crusts

November 22, 2008 - 6:52pm -- amyt

WOW! Made my first hand-milled loaf... and my arm'd tired but we are HOOKED on the taste!!!

Well, always looking for a challenge, I'm now wondering if I dare work hand-milled into the family THanksgiving I'm hosting (I know, nothing like last minute planning). I'll be doing French bread with the appetizer, which I usually make with KA all-purpose flour... anyone made French bread with hand-milled? Should I use hard white wheat? Would it make more sense to mix hand-milled with store-bought?

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November 22, 2008 - 6:15pm -- eviltigerlily

Hi, my name is Anna.

I've only recently started baking bread and this site has been very helpful to me so far. The 'Lessons' in particular were very useful at the begining.

Actually, I've gone on a bit of a baking binge. So many great ideas I want to try. Fortunately, the need to eat all that stuff before baking more keeps me from breaking my neck... In baking... Metaphorically speaking, natch.

Erm, that's it really. Not a very useful post, but that's as much eloquence as I can mange at 4 a.m.


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I am looking for a formula for Bauerruch. I found a great photo of one in Jerome Assire's The Bread Book, but have not been able to find a specific formula anywhere. I am also wondering if anyone has ever made a sweet fougasse?

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November 21, 2008 - 10:51pm -- nbicomputers

Well another year has pased and the holiday season is here once again.
I was thinking that all the bread bakers might be thinking of going exploring into diferent sections of baking such as pastry cookies pies and others.

So I thought I would open this thread so if anyone has questions or needs a formula for some thing they want to try this year, rather than search the web for a hit and miss maybe finding the info they want they could feel free to ask me for advice or formulas that were used in shop and i know work.

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The server upgrade this week went very well.  There have been a few little hiccups, but overall it went well, and the site is blisteringly fast now.

There are still a few missing features.  Most noticable, the gallery is gone.  The gallery solution I was using isn't mature enough to run in this version of Drupal.  I'll either reenable that gallery software when it gets stable or find a new gallery.

There also were a few other things I was hoping to add that I did not.  One thing has has been mentioned is a private messaging system, so that site users could send each other their email addresses and discussing things privately.  Again, the PM module isn't mature enough right now, but I will try to add that in soon.  Now that we are on Drupal 6, we have a lot more new modules available to us.

One module that is mature is the book module, so I think we'll try to kick off a "Baker's Handbook" project very soon, like by the start of December.  It has been... a year since we first talked about doing that?  Maybe more?  Anyway, it is definitely time.  Worst case, it doesn't work out.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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A Thread to Thank Floyd

November 21, 2008 - 6:46pm -- CountryBoy

Just a note to say Thank You to Floyd for all his endless hard work.

The new server is just a recent example of one of countless ways in which he plows so very much time and effort into making this such a very successful site.

Also, putting up with us is no easy feat either.

So for all the things we mention and don't mention, we remain grateful to you for your providing us with a community where we are all enabled to share and bake better bread, et. al.

Thank youl, Floyd.

Country Boy


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