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Did the Hearthkit Manufacturer fold?

March 12, 2009 - 4:29pm -- Plannerjohn

Does anyone know if the manufacturer of hearthkits is still in business?  Their website has been "under construction" for some time now, and it's not available anywhere except EBAY.  

I ask because I went ahead and bought an unused model off EBAY.  It was real cheap, but I'm hoping I don't have any problems which would have otherwise been covered by warranty. 

Also, I hope this doesn't duplicate an earlier post.  If so my apologies.  I looked around as best I could, but it didn't appear in my search results.

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Almond milk

March 12, 2009 - 11:57am -- Felila

A few days ago, I bought a cardboard container of almond milk at the health food store, as a backup in case I ran out of cow's milk. Unopened, the almond milk doesn't have to be refrigerated. A prescient buy, because just yesterday I ran out of cow's milk. I had almond milk with my granola.

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Onion-Poppy Seed Recipe request

March 12, 2009 - 10:58am -- thebreadfairy


Yesterday, on the "Crispier Crust" thread, Eric posted a picture of Susan from SD's latest Onion-Poppy seed bread which looked absolutely gorgeous. I have searched for the recipe but cannot find it. Does anyone have that recipe? Susan? Eric?

Thanks for any help. I would love to be able to give it a try.



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Bread Storage?

March 12, 2009 - 8:29am -- plnelson

Recently I was laid-off from my job as a software engineer, so, since I'm home all day writing software, I've taken up breadmaking as a hobby since it gives me an excuse to get up from my desk every so often to knead or punch down the bread or put it in the oven, take it out, etc. It also saves money since I can make the equivalent of one of the $6 local bakery loaves I ied to buy for about 80 cents in ingredients.

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second baking stone

March 11, 2009 - 10:19pm -- darellmatt

Anyone have experience  using a second baking stone above the bread? I think Reinhart suggested it might be a good way to try and replicate aspects of a commercial oven: more stone might help stabilize the temperature in the oven especially after the oven door is opned. It might increase the intensity of radiant, as opposed to convective heat, might help eliminate hot spots or uneven baking.... ?



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This is the first time I've tried this popular bread.  I used my Australian sourdough.  I'd like to try making it again...I had a lot of running around to do today...but at least it got a long ferment but pushed and shoved around a lot getting it into the oven...I should have saved myself a lot of grief and just put in on parchment paper!!  I'll know better next time! 

Jeffrey Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough W/Whole Wheat

This bread is delicious and I will be making it often! I will make 4  loaves instead of 2!




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One of the traditions of Purim (a very festive Jewish holiday celebrating an ancient victory) is to send gifts of food to friends.  Because the day is so full of fun, many people try to provide a laugh along with the treats.  This year, I decided pizza and beer would be fun.  How is that fun? 

Because they're cookies!

I made about 25 which my son, dressed as a messy teenage "pizza guy" delivered (with beer).  A strange combination, but it brought out the smiles. 

I'll get back to bread next week!  Thanks for letting me share.


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