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Overkneaded? Can I save it?

August 3, 2008 - 5:24am -- tbednarick

Good morning. I'm making a sourdough ciabatta this morning and it was coming together nicely in the kitchen aid. In fact, I thought, wow, that dough might be a little too stiff, must be the whole wheat. I was kneading at level two for 4 to 5 minutes when it kind of stopped holding together so well. It still seams to have some gluten, but it's tearing very easy. Can I save this dough?

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Today, while shopping for a new fridge, I came across a BBQ called the Big Green Egg. It is lined with ceramic and fueled with wood only charcoal and achieves temperatures of 800 degrees which can be controlled with a thermometer. It is said to be great for making bread and pizza in addition to meat. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of making bread with this?

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Shopping alert!

August 2, 2008 - 12:52pm -- PMcCool

Disclaimer: I have no business or financial relationship with, or interest in, Linens-n-Things.

My wife and I saw an ad for the Linens-n-Things store closing sale and stopped in to see what they had.  The store nearest us was already pretty picked over, but there were still some really good buys (40%-70% off) on the items that were still on hand.  We saw cookware, cutlery, KA mixers and other kitchen items, mostly with 40% markdowns.  Linens were nearly gone.

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wild rye bread © ejm July 2008

Dark rye bread flavoured with onion and caraway seeds and made with wild yeast; based on a recipe by "Breadchick", one of the Bread Baking Babes (BBB)

My starter is extremely active these days. I think that's one reason this bread turned out so incredibly well. When I started to make it, I was sort of sneaking around about it. It was a bit warm outside (around 28C) and I wasn't absolutely certain that turning on the oven would be a big hit.

My fears were unfounded. We loved this bread. And no wonder. It was fabulous!

It was equally delicious on its own, or buttered, or toasted and buttered. And it made the most stellar Reuben sandwiches (made with home-made red cabbage sauerkraut)! Did we take photos of the sandwiches? Ha. Of course not. We were too busy stuffing them down our gullets.

I was particularly thrilled with the slashes on the bread. I've never managed to have slashes stay so well defined. I only hope I can reproduce this! I can't wait until we have enough freezer space so I can make it again.

wild rye bread © ejm July 2008

For a more detailed account, please see:

The all-purpose flour I use is "No Name" (Loblaws) unbleached (about 11.5% protein). The rye flour is "Five Roses" Dark Rye flour (no idea how much protein). The bread flour is "Robin Hood" 'best for bread' flour (about 13% protein).

And I used my shiny new digital scale to weigh the ingredients!

digital scale © ejm July 2008wild rye bread © ejm July 2008


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