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Hello from Saskatchewan Canada

September 19, 2008 - 9:20am -- prairiepatch

Hello everyone I am so excited to find this site.  It is so nice to have a group of like minded people to babble away to that are interested in bread and baking.  I am very impressed with the knowledge and insight that is avaliable here.  I am sure that my beginner skills will blossom now.

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Just wanted to say hello....from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

September 19, 2008 - 8:34am -- MyHotKitchen

Hello All,

I have been a long time home baker of artisan bread, I am a Pastry Chef but just recently took on a job as a baker for a very successful Toronto based restaurant and catering company.

I must say I am totally loving it....... I have never worked so hard for so little money and I am happy doing so.

Thank you to everyone on this site, your posts have been very helpful, keep up the good work. I will try to do my part as well to contribute.






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Bread shape name?

September 19, 2008 - 7:37am -- Pablo


A boule is a round loaf.  I believe a miche is a giant boule.  Is there a breadworld term for a mini round?  Boulette <- before someone else says it.  Then Russian Rye could be Russian Boulette.  ha ha.  Bite the boulette, etc.

Thanks for any input.


PS  I've settled down now and I'm working the steps in BBA.  I'm working on the basic sourdough recipe.  I knew not what I was doing, flavour-wise.  I am humbled.

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Baking stone. ELectric vs gas oven

September 18, 2008 - 11:37pm -- antonis


Dear all, I try for many months now to buy a stone for baking bread. They did not exist in Greece until recently, where I found someone who imports them from Italy. I contacted them and they told my that the stones they sell are suitable only for gas ovens.

Does this make sense? Is there a problem with electric ovens? It is not a cheap buy so I got to know before I give the money.




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PR Italian
PR Italian

Italian Bruchetta & White Bean Soup
Italian Bruchetta & White Bean Soup

Last night I made a double batch of Peter Reinhart's Italian Bread with Biga. I think I did a review of this bread a short time ago so I won't bother with the formula now.  My daughter told me I had to make this bread every day from now on. She was quite emphatic so I'll have to put it on the short list. This Italian has such a nice flavor it takes you by surprise. I must say the after taste is my favorite in this style.

So what does one do with 4 loaves of delicious Italian bread? Make Bruchetta!! The tomatoes are ripe and plentiful now and all the herbs are in full swing so the time is right for a big batch. I discovered a new (for me) Balsamic vinegar made from figs the other day. I decided to try that instead of the usual dark and heavy variety I otherwise use. The result was a slightly sweet yet tart dressing that we all loved.

A few Months ago JMonkey turned me on to a great soup cookbook by Sally Sampson called Souped Up. He said at the time he thought it was the best in the genre and I have to agree. The White Bean with Basil above was delicious as has been everything I have tried in the book. I have tried maybe a dozen out of 100 very nice recipes. It's on Amazon and inexpensive. I have given 4 copies away so far to family members.

I baked these on a sheet pan without a stone from just barely up to temp. I forgot to turn the heat down for a while so the tops got a little too brown first but they are still fine.




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