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Southern Style Yeast Rolls

October 7, 2009 - 3:51pm -- stgermain

My Grandmother's Yeast Rolls

Hi - I am new here but after reading so many comments from knowledgable bakers, I thought I would ask for your thoughts/opinions.  I remember my grandmother baking yeast rolls (with cake yeast) that were approximately 4" high, moist, and with an almost silky texture - not at all crumbly.  Does anyone know of a recipe and techniques that might help me replicate her rolls?  Any comments would be appreicated.

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October 7, 2009 - 1:06pm -- sybram

I'm looking for Fresh Loafers (and/or other bakers) who would like to "pool" with me on bulk flour buying.  I've been getting my bread flour from BakeMark in the North Grand Prairie industrial area.  They've decided to cut out all sales less than $200.  I just can't use or store that much flour at one time.  I'm not interested in splitting bags (50#), just putting our orders together.  They carry KA Special, Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot as well as many other brands and types.  Their website is

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Bringing sourdough into the USA by plane

October 7, 2009 - 11:45am -- harvey_pekar

Hey everyone!


I´m flying to the States tomorrow from Spain. I´ve got my sourdough bathed in olive oil, in a honey pot.


I was wondering if it would be a good idea to try and get it over the border? Would I put it in my check in baggage, or in carryon? I would have to declare it, right?


Does anyone here have experience?

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Would you believe it? France too succumbs.

"The decline of French bread over the past few decades is one of the saddest aspects of the ransom paid to progress, and much of the blame must simply go to good old greed."

Read more:
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Filed under: Things that may grow to haunt me


October 7, 2009

It's been awhile since my first post. I've been working on getting french bread down since then and after about 15 batches of dough I think I've finally found the delicate balance between the science and the art of it.

Yeah I wish.

I made a giant, spongy, flat batard for a dinner party a couple nights ago that I just had a bad feeling about right from the oven. One of my friends commented that it looked like an alligator lying in wait for unsuspecting prey. Gotta love those witty food critics.


Alligator bread


My mistake was using a new recipe, using my new kitchen scale, and adhering too strictly to the measurements. It called for a 100% poolish and 66% overall hydration. Yesterday to satisfy my curiousity I carefully measured out a 60% hydration dough, which is about what I think I used to make back when I eyeballed everything and it turned out just how I like it - crisp skin and fluffy meat. I think I'm seeing a disturbing trend developing here though. This morning I weighed out my coffee grinds and recorded it in my kitchen journal with spaces saved for additional entries, then as I was weighing out my condensed milk for my coffee I had a WTF-realization moment and quickly shut off the scale and slowly backed out of the kitchen. Note to self: do not become a scale-whore.

Anyways here's my bread from yesterday:




Last night I decided that I've earned my baking yellow belt and was ready to learn the esoteric art of sour-do. I found a simple starter recipe using plain water and plain AP flour since I don't usually stock endangered fruit juices nor mill my own flour. I hope the other starters here won't look down on my modest little starter. What he may lack in sophistication I hope he'll make up for in street-smarts. Okay, I guess breads can't be street-smart so....let's just hope he doesn't taste like socks. Quick question: are starters generally male or female? I think mine's a boy but I'd like to make sure before I name him.




I'm 12 hours in and I'm nervously excited. I can't stop picking it up and looking at it. My mom used to say that that would make it fall off, so I should probably stop. It's condensing a bit on the lid and smells slightly yeasty, but hasn't risen a bit since last night. From what I've read that's still 12-24 hours away so it's all good so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Update: 36 hours in

The smell. Dear god, the smell. I took the lid off to feed it this morning and I just woke up, on the kitchen floor. How can something so innocent looking produce such an ungodly stench? Must separate mind from body. You can do this.

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Shipping bread for Christmas Gifts - is it possible to get there fresh and edible?

October 7, 2009 - 8:33am -- darkmoondreamer

I was thinking this morning of all the lovely gift breads I could send to friends and family......Then, the realization that homemade bread "usually", for me, starts losing quality greatly the next day. Have any of you had success with shipping breads in the mail? Thank you

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comparison of protein content in flour

October 7, 2009 - 8:03am -- breitbaker

has anyone posted a comparison of various protein percentages in different brands/types of flour?  KA flour lists theirs, but many companies do not...I would really appreciate it if anyone here has some resources for would certainly be helpful when comparing different "bread book" authors and which flours they use in their recipes....thanks!     cathy in WI


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