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Keeping starter refrigerated longer

October 20, 2008 - 12:23pm -- slingshotz

So I have a pretty decent wet starter about 3 weeks old and my first batch of bread would have worked fine if I didn't forget about it and overcooked it.  However I only plan on making bread every 3-5 weeks and was wondering how I could make the starter more dormant in the fridge.  I hate the thought of refreshing it every week and throwing away half of the starter, it seems like such a waste of good flour.  The starter is quite active and seems able to double in a few days sitting in the fridge.  

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flour storage issues

October 19, 2008 - 12:34pm -- Windischgirl

I'm going to be a cliche now ;-)

 Had a chat with my Mother in Law (figures!) who is also a bread baker...she tends to do straight doughs in her bread machine; I'm making European-style breads with sourdough/yeast (al a Hamelman) in the KAM.  We were discussing purchasing and storing flour.  I said I tend to buy when I'm in the store and keep the unopened flour in my freezer (in the original package and then in a freezer bag) until I need to refill my cannister.  


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