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Trying to find the culprit

March 16, 2010 - 9:08am -- Roo

My wife has been trying to figure out her fatigue that she has been fighting for sometime now.  We have looked into her symptoms and after a week of little to no carbs she has had much more energy and is feeling better overall.  In an attempt to to narrow it down even more I would like to see if it is a gluten allergy (she has had NO bread pasta ect this week) or a carb issue.

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Dry Starters

March 16, 2010 - 6:18am -- Ho Dough

Several recent threads have me curious, so I have been experimenting with converting a couple 100% hydration starters to "dry" starters of 50%. I took 20 grams of 100% starter, then added 10 grams of water and 20 grams of rye/whole wheat flours. This looked "dry" in comparison to what I had been doing, but it took off and tripled into a "dry sponge" in about 6 hours, suggesting to me it was active and going good. Again, result was a dry "sponge"....not a wet, ripe starter.

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Not sure where to go next for loaf pans.

March 16, 2010 - 12:37am -- Niashi


I read a thread with reviews that highly recommended Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch loaf pans, but they're on back order for a month and a half, so I was curious what other recommendations people can place out there.

Are the Romertopf clay bread bakers any good for example? I have a Romertopf 111 incoming already, but that doesn't handle standard sized loaves.

I'm looking for a nice even bake.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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March 16, 2010 - 12:29am -- RiverWalker

I hear great things about this myserious "Salba Seed", and go to look it up online.

one bunch of people say its the same thing, (perhaps grown slightly differently, seems unclear) as Chia. ... ... as in chia pets....

anyone have any testimony/opinion/thoughts on the difference, if any between the expensive-as-hell Salba, and the not-that-expensive Chia?

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Anis Bouabsa baguettes don't rise in oven

March 15, 2010 - 9:40pm -- lorkp


I'm using the recipe that David deduced from Jane's descriptions, but I'm having trouble getting the loaves to rise properly. 500 g KA AP, 375g water, 1/4 tsp Red Star instant yeast, 10 g Morton's Kosher. I've tried this recipe two times with poor results. Some of my concerns:

After rising for 21 hours or so, the dough much, if at all. The dough is still very stick

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After seeing and reading about Qahtan's  Guinness Chocolate Cake and how delicious it is, I had to try it.  Documenting my try, which was made with Murphy's stout rather than Guinness (it's what I had) are these pics:


It turned out of the pan beautifully, Hooray!


It is a very chocolately cake, not too sweet, with a nice depth to the flavor.  I have since bought the Guinness and may try this and the gingerbread again.


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