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Introduction + Do Jackfruit and Quinoa go together?

March 17, 2010 - 4:46pm -- Glacrwlf

Hi, I'm Vittorio Arriola, AKA: Glacrwlf. I am a college student who is trying to major in the baking and pastry arts. I just completed my first class in baking and have 2 more classes to go, along with some other classes that are required to earn my bachelor's degree in baking. I hope to be active here and share my ideas with you.

My baking career was inspired by the anime: Yakitate!! Japan. I saw a few episodes and it caused me to become interested in baking rather than cooking. I saw a few people who were inspired by the anime as well.

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This is my version of Sourdough English Muffins recipe I found the other day on the net.  It is from correction to this link..hopefully this one works! The recipe comes from Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley, California.  These muffins are delicious and make a wonderful Eggs Benedict brunch.  Though these are wonderful tasting and very easy to make I have to say the English Muffin recipe I have from Northwest sourdough are absolutely devine and still my number one favorite.  Teresa's recipe has been temporarily discontinued until published in her new book.




                                                                             To open up my EM I poke a fork around the edges and pull it open



                                             My version of Eggs Benedict for brunch!







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Is my starter ready for baking?

March 17, 2010 - 1:24pm -- liseling


So I've built my starter using the pineapple juice method that is posted in various places around the fresh loaf (100% flour/water). I've been feeding it twice a day most days for the past two weeks or so. The picture below is of my starter about an hour and a half after I fed it (the rubber band marks the level that it started from right after I fed it). It doubles in about 2 hours. I have seen it get to about 3 times the level of the rubber band at most. 

Is it ready to bake with?

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My 23 year old son is home from his job as a cruise ship musician. He plays saxophone on a huge ship traveling all over the world. When he returns for a little time off, I try to treat him to his favorite foods and breads. Today being St Patrick's Day in the US, I'm certain he is singing Irish tunes at one of Milwaukee's many Irish Pubs. I thought some of you might appreciate the humor in the picture he just sent me. Apparently some one gave him a slice of home made beer bread so he asked for the recipe. Here it is written out on a piece of paper and photographed with his cell camera, directly into the heart of dear ole dad's kitchen. What better use for technology!

It looks like a quick bread. Maybe I'll use a bottle of dark beer and swap a cup of WW to give it some tooth. He'll need that tomorrow, no doubt.


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Covering vs. Steaming

March 17, 2010 - 11:05am -- PeterPiper

I've been working for the last two years to get the right formation, crust, and color on my sourdough.  Pre-heated skillets, pans of lava rocks, sprayers, you name it and I've tried it.  Turns out the best solution is the simplest.  Here is a loaf I made last night by covering the bread with a disposable foil roaster pan for the first ten minutes.




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