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Need Bread recipe of any kind for sandwich making. No dairy, no yeast

April 6, 2008 - 2:37pm -- Laura1

The reason my subject says without yeast is because we have to use rice flour mixtures which won't rise well with yeast.

I was thinking maybe one of you knows of a good recipe that doesn't need yeast or dairy to work? Even if it is with wheat flour I may be able to substitute my flour for it.

I was thinking maybe if I can't find a loaf recipe that works, maybe a tortilla recipe that we can make a burrito out of?

Just anything that already works without the yeast and dairy might work with his flour for me.




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Beer yeast

April 6, 2008 - 3:47am -- Kuret

I am thinking about purchasing some whole malt from a brewers supply, but since they employ "single rate" shipping ie. no matter how much you order the shipping and handling costs stays the same I am thinking, can beer yeast be used directly in bread? Or will this result in odd taste or over rising?

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Reinhart's Sunflower Seed Rye

April 6, 2008 - 1:03am -- sitzhaki


Looking very good!

I have a slightly different version that works as our weekly bread. I substitue half of the rye flour with whole wheat flour, add 2 Tblspn flax seeds and substitute half of the sunflower seeds with toasted walnuts. I double the quantities and bake it in a large tin. Works great as a sandwich loaf.


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Baguettes crumb

Baguettes crumb

The latest episode in my ongoing quest for a classic baguette.

 Today's attempt was with the Poolish Baguette formula in Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread." I made the poolish last night and made the dough and baked the breads this afternoon. I used Guisto's Baker's Choice flour, which makes a dough with a lovely, silky, soft, extensible quality. It's a pleasure to work with this dough.

 While I ended up with a wonderful tasting bread - crunchy crust and sweet tasting crumb, I was disappointed in the lack of bloom. I do believe my scoring of the loaves was good. I believe I was overly concerned about underproofing the loaves and ended up over-proofing them. If anyone with more baguette experience (and success) than I has other thoughts and suggestions, I would really appreciate them sharing. Making "the baguette of my dreams" remains a dream for now.

Here are photos of the baguette just after forming and placing on the couche and when proofed, just before baking:

Baguettes shaped

Baguettes shaped

Baguettes proofed

Baguettes proofed

Minor frustrations aside, today's breads were thoroughly enjoyed with dinner.

Baguette and Sunflower Seed Rye slices

Baguette and Sunflower Seed Rye slices



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